California Cascade has been offering innovation and quality in the building products industry since 1974. Our extensive selection of products for satisfied customers throughout the western states includes: treated wood, Redwood, Cedar, fascia, and special offerings of branded products. California Cascade products add value and beauty to your business or home. Click on a category below for more information.

   What Wood Can't Do

AZEK and TimberTech products offer tangible benefits over traditional building materials, the AZEK and TimberTech product lines span Trim, Decking, Railing, Moulding, Porch, and Pavers backed by more than two decades of manufacturing experience. Both brands, synonymous with quality and innovation, lead their market areas by continually reinventing product lines and redefining entire product categories.

Stain resistant
Scratch resistant
Split resistant
Mold and mildew resistant
Durable and long lasting Impervious to moisture and insects
Spans a maximum of 16" on-center
Available in 12', 16' and 20' lengths
Limited lifetime warranty
Building Code listings ESR-1667 and CCRR-0101

Why TimberTech:

Low Maintenance

25 Year Warranty

Uses near water

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Why Our Deck is TimberTech

California Cascade proudly distributes Fortress Railing, Fencing and accessories. Fortress Railing is a pre-welded, easily customized railing system that provides a clean, classic appearance on any deck or patio. 100 percent galvanized with an e-coat and premium powder coating. Fortress is the most durable, yet elegant looking iron railing on the market.

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Ozco Hardware

Easy to use products with exceptional performance for your Anchor, Connect, Fasten and Finish projects! Transform your project from ordinary to extraordinary!

CONCEALoc & CORTEX Fasteners

CONCEALoc is designed for the deck surface, except for perimter boards and stairs, exclusively for AZEK (and TimberTech) grooved boards. CORTEX is great for perimeter and stair boards and provides a completely fastener free look when used with CONCEALoc on the deck surface boards.

WoodWay Post Caps

California Cascade is proud to offer the complete selection of post caps from Woodway Products.


California Cascade manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of redwood decking, Fencing and specialty products. With over 20 acres of equipment, air yard, kilns, and distribution, we have the value added solution our customers require.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Koppers Performance Chemicals provides the most environmentally friendly, and effective preserved wood available for a multitude of applications. Our most popular treatments are NatureWood for ACQ treatment and Advance Guard for borate.

Primed Spruce and Premium Primed Western Red Cedar

Resawn primed fascia for any budget. From 1x3 to 2x12 we distribute quality material for your project.

Western Wood Preservers Institute –WWPI, is a non-profit member trade organization in North America that has represented the interests of the preserved wood products industry for over 60 years. WWPI has developed a new website,, to provide key information about treated wood products. Please visit their website to view the following information: a full Technical Library (under the Tech Resources tab), details on today’s preservatives, the CheckMark quality program, specifying for aquatic uses and recommendations for selecting, installing and field treating preserved wood.


We carry the following assortment of fencing:

Redwood #1 and #2

Incense Cedar #1 and Rustic

Pre-Assembled Fence Panels

Split Cedar

Clear Gothic, Queen Anne & Stockade Pickets

Peeled and Doweled Posts

Pine TRT Ref Peeled Post

Our Peeled Poles are created from Lodgepole Pine logs that get run through a machine that peels off the bark, the cambium layer, and leaves the sapwood layer on the outside of the pole. The pole keeps much of the natural taper of the tree and it is going to appear rougher than the doweled poles. For example, when you buy a 5-6"x 10' Peeled Pole the tip will measure no less than 5" in diameter and no more than 6" in diameter at the butt of the pole. TRT Ref stands for Treated to Refusal.

Pine TRT Ref Doweled Post

Doweled Poles are different from the Peeled Poles in that they are uniform in diameter from tip to butt and so it has a nicer appearance. Much of the sapwood remains on the outside of the pole so that a good treatment can be applied for ground contact usage. This is why we speak to the superior performance of Lodgepole Pine poles in comparison to the Peeler Core. TRT Ref stands for Treated to Refusal.

Fire Treated

Exterior Fire X: Effective Wildfire Defense. Strongest FRTW Warranty. Can be painted or Stained. Approved for use as ignition resistant material in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas and listed by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal Building Materials Listing (BML) and WUI handbook.

Pyro-Guard Interior: Not a paint. Not a coating. Just code compliant FRTW (Pressure Impregnated Throughout Lumber and Plywood)


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