Meet the Team

As your industry leader for manufacturing, wood treating, and trucking operations throughout the West, we look forward to answering your questions about our company! Contact our team today for information on our products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is so simple. Quality products and quality service to our customers. In fact, we are so proud of our products and our service, we stand behind them 100% and strive to grow our own business through building our customers.

Allie Kimes

Northern California sales
Ph: 916-384-9104
Cell: 831-245-9154

Bridget Wink

Northern California Sales
Ph: 916-384-9097
Cell: 916-847-2302

George Johnson

Northern California Sales
Ph: 916-384-9098
Cell: 916-765-5117

Dave Johnson

Northern California Sales & Lumber Buyer
Ph: 916-384-9111 Cell: 707-732-3713

Fred Garcia

Traffic Manager – Fontana Wood Treating Inc.
Ph: 909-357-2136 Fax: 909-357-2268

Brian Declusin

Northern California Sales
Ph: 916-384-9115
Cell: 707-310-3615

Robyn Ueberroth

Fontana Wood Treating
Ph: 909-357-2136 Fax: 909-357-2268

Matthew Holkeboer

Product Manager
Ph: 916-384-9103 Cell: 916-539-9275

Cheryl Kaufenberg

Human Resources
Ph: 916-384-9116
Cell: 916-719-5679

Tom Conroy

Ph: 916-384-9096
Cell: 916-765-6862

Mark Gorney

Ph: 916-384-9112
Cell: 916-275-8817

Armando Albaran

Ph: 916-384-9109
Cell: 916-275-9726

John Allen

Southern California Sales
Cell: 760-807-1271

Natalie Allen

Southern California Sales
Cell: 949-547-5334

Gerry Merker

Southern California Sales
Cell: 619-913-9797

John Snead

Southern California Sales
Cell: 619-957-8118

Kristy McCay

Inside Sales Support
Ph: 916-384-9092
Cell: 916-718-1347


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